Where can I get free reclaimed lumber?

There are many ways to get reclaimed lumber for free. You can easily find salvaged timbers for free if you know where you look. These are just a few of the many ways you can get the recycled wood that you want.

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Old Barns and Other Buildings

High-quality, virgin timber can be found in old barns and mills. Many of these buildings are well past their prime, or are being torn down by their owners. Barn owners are happy to give their barns away if it is in good condition.

Post an advertisement online or in the local paper, letting people that you will pick up any discarded lumber.

It may surprise you at the number of calls that you get. Many barns that are older have been neglected for many years, sometimes even decades. It doesn’t take long before the roof begins to fall off a structure. Soon, beams start to rot and the framing begins to slip from the foundation. You have a large liability. The barn is not insured by insurance companies. It is dangerous to be near the building, which becomes a major blight.

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An excavation company is often the first contact a farmer or developer makes when they need to get rid of an old barn or other building. This is a great opportunity to get some reclaimed lumber for free. Get in touch with local excavators and hand them your business card.

Inform them that you can recycle wood from old buildings and barns. You can try to get them to contact you before they begin a demolition project. You can then go inside and inspect the barn before they start, and maybe even reclaim some wood.

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Remodeling Contractors

It would be wonderful if you could just drop off your trailer and wait for a few days before picking it up with reclaimed wood. It’s possible to do this! Here’s what you need to know.

Contact local remodeling contractors. You will remove any wood they take out of a home. Contractors will gladly give you the old building materials. This will help them save a lot of money on disposal. If you live in an area with many old houses, this is a good option.

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You must inform the contractor that you are recycling wood and that you will only take wood. You must not use insulation, drywall or any other debris. Only wood is accepted. Nails are acceptable if they are within the wood. If you find a lot of trash, it is possible to charge a disposal fee.