What is the cost to ship a car across the country?

What is the cost of shipping a car across the nation? Open-air carriers can be used to transport your car. Expect to pay $600 to $1,600. Continue reading to learn more about auto transport costs and the factors that impact the cost of moving a car across the country. Call Us Now At (800) 616-6045 to talk to an agent and receive a no-cost quote for car towing from any location in the United States. Long Distance Auto Transport offers a superior experience in Cost to tow a car from California to new york.

Shipping a car across the country costs

The cost of shipping your car across the country will depend on which shipping method you choose. There are two main options for auto transport: the enclosed carrier or open-air carrier. However, most vehicle shipments are done in open-air carriers. Direct Express Auto Transport states that open-air transport costs are on average 33 percent lower than enclosed shipping. CostHelper estimates that cross-country transportation of a four-door sedan can cost anywhere from $600 up to $1,000 depending on the season. Shipping a small van or pick-up truck, or an SUV, costs anywhere from $800 to $1.070. HomeAdvisor estimates that shipping a car costs anywhere from $700 up to $1,200.

When estimating auto transport costs, we recommend that you go with the higher end of these cost ranges. My personal experience shipping a small SUV across the country with an open-air carrier, I’d venture to guess that you will spend at least $1,000 to ship a car across this country. Door-to-door service may also be required. To get a better sense of how much it costs to ship a car across the country, we requested quotes from several auto transporters through longdistancetowing.com’s Auto Transport page. Shipping a small SUV between San Francisco and New York City cost $1,464, with quotes that range from $1,360 up to $1,600.

How do you determine the cost to ship a car across country?

These numbers are estimates only. They do not represent exact figures. Although we can approximate the cost of shipping a vehicle, it is impossible to provide an exact figure until you examine the entire picture. These seven factors are important in determining the cost of auto transport.

The time of year –Like longdistancetowing.com company prices, you can expect to pay more for auto transport when demand is highest. This is usually in the spring and summer. Expect to pay more from Memorial Day through Labor Day. It is important to remember that the location of your car is very important. You can expect to pay more if your car needs to be moved from Massachusetts to Florida in the winter (“Season”), when snowbirds are moving south.

Your car’s size and weight – Car carriers are limited in their ability to hold more than one vehicle and a certain amount of weight. The bigger your vehicle, the more costly it will be to transport it across the country. You can see that moving large SUVs is more costly than moving sedans.

Distance traveled – It’s no surprise that the cost of car shipping services will increase the further you have to transport your vehicle. When you travel hundreds or thousands of miles, fuel costs, tolls, and labor costs quickly add-up. People moving short distances can expect to pay lower than those who move long distances.

Additional insurance – While professional auto transport companies may offer insurance, you might still need to buy a separate policy in the event that your car is damaged during transportation.

Type of transport –Does your car need to be moved by an enclosed or open-air carrier? Your move will cost you a lot more depending on which car shipping company you use. While enclosed carriers can be more expensive than open-air carriers, they are generally less expensive.

The make and model of the car you are moving – This can affect the cost of shipping a car, especially if it is a classic or luxury car. This is because these high-end vehicles require special attention and services which can increase the cost of transportation.

Service level – You will pay more for door to door service. Many auto transport companies require customers to pick up their vehicles at a specific location. However, some offer other drop-off options. If the customer is willing to pay, the company might be able deliver the vehicle to their home.

How can I make sure I get the best deal possible from my auto transporter?

You want to get the best price on a high-quality car shipping service. Get quotes from as many auto carriers as you can. This will enable you to compare all your options. It is a good idea to get quotes as soon as possible in order to make a booking with the car shipping company you prefer. Car carriers can often be booked months ahead. There are only so many car carriers and so many drivers. You should plan to move during the summer because this is when there is most demand.

What’s the difference between an enclosed and open-air carrier?

If you are shipping a rare or expensive vehicle, an antique car collector, or a classic car, it is a smart decision to choose an open-air carrier as your auto transport option. Open-air carriers are the most affordable and popular method of shipping cars. But enclosed carriers offer significant advantages that should not be overlooked. Let’s take a look at the differences between these two types of auto transport.

Open-air carrier – An open-air operator is exactly what it sounds. These carriers are likely to be seen while you drive on the highway. The carriers typically hold nine to ten cars on two levels. The carrier is visible so that the driver and other drivers can see your car. These carriers are easy to find and easily available. Although they are less expensive than enclosed carriers, your car may be exposed to the elements. These carriers can transport multiple cars, so you might have to wait a week to retrieve your car.

Enclosed carrier – Enclosed carriers protect your vehicle from all elements. An enclosed carrier is better than an open-air carrier if you are moving in harsh weather conditions. Enclosed carriers are more expensive than open-air and come at a higher price. Customers will get their car back faster because these carriers can only transport four to five cars at once (or less). An enclosed carrier is a safer option if you have a very valuable car (think classic car).