China: Private health insurance

Millions of Chinese people are compelled to purchase private insurance every year due to the limitations of China’s health system. This is to ensure their family has adequate healthcare. We have been working closely with insurance companies to create additional policies that cover cancer treatment and the next-generation of diagnostics since 2007.


Cancer is a serious public health issue and one of China’s leading causes of death. Despite the government’s attempts to increase China expat health insurance coverage, most cancer patients in China must pay for their treatment themselves. A full treatment course for some cancer drugs can run up to ten times the annual income of the average Chinese worker. Insurance policies were not able to fund innovative cancer treatment until recently. Local insurance companies also lacked the information needed to create such policies.

What we are doing

We collaborate with international and local insurance companies in China to improve and develop health insurance coverage for cancer treatment and diagnosis. We have access to a wealth information regarding the cost and use of new cancer treatments thanks to our healthcare networks. This expertise allowed us to work with international and local insurance companies in China to improve and develop insurance coverage for cancer treatment and diagnosis. This allows patients to access the best possible treatments, doctors, and education as well as affordable insurance policies to cover their cancer care.

Access to treatment for cancer in China is not possible without adequate funding. chinaaccesshealth works with insurance companies and other stakeholders to provide patient education and awareness campaigns about cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment options. By sharing the best practices in diagnosing and treating cancer, we also assist healthcare professionals.

We will be able to get the support we need with Chinaaccesshealth.

Our multi-stakeholder approach was a success, which has allowed us to collaborate with Chinese health authorities in order to reimburse cancer treatments via the public health system. Private insurance companies provide supplementary critical illness insurance.

We formed a partnership in 2015 with the Shenzhen Reimbursement Authority (SRA) and Ping An, a leading Chinese insurance company. Shenzhen was the first Chinese city to receive reimbursement for all four of our targeted treatments for cancer – MabThera/Rituxan/Avastin, Herceptin, Tarceva and Tarceva.

The Shenzhen public/private partnership model is a great example of how to integrate public and private payers and manufacturers, diversify funding sources, and create insurance plans that are specific to local needs. Chinaaccesshealth has expanded the model to other cities in China based on this success.

Our impact

Collaborations with China have shown how innovative approaches can increase healthcare access. These initiatives have enabled millions to have unprecedented access and affordability to cutting-edge cancer diagnostics and treatments.

We currently work with over 20 insurance and reinsurance firms to support the development and marketing of new cancer insurance products. We won’t stop there. There are new opportunities for insurance partnerships in China and elsewhere. The model is being modified and implemented in other countries, allowing people to benefit from global funding.