Is a “Small Business Big Game”

The Small Business Big Game program was one year long and allowed small business owners to be on the national stage. One winner could reach more than 100 million Americans in one sitting. Over a nine-month period, small businesses were invited to share their stories with all the world. Small businesses were also given incentives and grants. One small business was the winner. One small business was awarded a Super Bowl advertisement that was fully produced and paid for. This would put small businesses in the spotlight and afford them the chance to be seen by big businesses. Intuit hadn’t purchased an advertisement for its own business before. However, it wanted to highlight the importance of small businesses and purchase an ad to promote growth. Intuit was ready to make small businesses big with its integrated campaign.

Execution & Tactics

We wanted to drive small business visits and sign ups at the Small Business Big Game. So we decided to use Bill Rancic, a serial entrepreneur and celebrity to communicate the message through a media blitz. The team also Mangago used Jimmy Johnson as a coach to encourage small businesses to join the game. Intuit’s own communications channels made sure that all external messages focused on the program and content related to small businesses growth, success, and passion.

  • Use celebrity speakers to spread messages about small business success and champions.
  • Small businesses were offered special product offers in order to increase product awareness and sign-ups.

A Small Business Big Game Playbook was created, which included expert commentary and content on subjects that were important to small businesses.

To excite small business owners, Bill Rancic and Jimmy Johnson staged cash mobs for small businesses to produce viral videos.

I worked with the top four small business owners to make sure they had the content and infrastructure needed to reach a national audience.

Efficacy & Results

This program brought the issue of small business to the forefront of the editorial agenda. It also attracted global attention to the 15,000 small-business participants, many of which experienced remarkable business growth and increased brand awareness. The program helped Intuit increase its brand recognition as a supporter for small businesses and had a positive impact on their business. Small Business Big Game attracted thousands of new customers to the franchise through new product signups. It also drove 13 billion social media impressions and new business growth for small businesses. This program increased the positive sentiment that small businesses have that Intuit Cares.

Communications Objective: To generate positive WOM and media coverage within business and consumer interest outlets. This positions Intuit Small Business Big Game and Intuit as key facilitators of small business growth through 2 billion media impressions, 55% message pullthrough and other means.