Other programs than AdSense

Many ad networks programs are similar to AdSense such as Media.net or InfoLinks. Some may require you to reach a certain traffic threshold. You should wait until your website has established itself and is receiving regular traffic before applying for any of these programs.

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Many have similar rules as Google. There is a limit on the number of ads that can be displayed per page, usually three, and you are prohibited from clicking on your own ads. Although you can usually run multiple ad networks from your site, it is possible to violate the terms of service. However, you should read each network’s rules before you do so. You want to make sure your website isn’t cluttered with ads that makes it difficult for your visitors to find the content.

There are other income options than Ad Networks.

Ad networks, particularly AdSense, can be great because you can join them as a new blogger, or website owner, and are very easy to use. They’re not the only way to make money with your website. As your website traffic increases, you might consider other monetization options. These are other money-making options that you can either use in lieu of or alongside ad networks.

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  • Affiliate Marketing: These programs, which are similar to ad networks and free to join, can be easily added to your website.
  • Sell Your Own Product/Service: Selling your product or service can make you more money than promoting another’s via affiliate marketing. This is especially true for information products and online courses that are easy to create and market. You also have the option of ebooks or freelance services.
  • Consulting or Coaching: You are an expert in your field and can help others beyond what you post on your blog or website. Coaching or consulting can provide more detailed assistance.
  • Sponsors: Other companies will sponsor your site if you have good traffic and influence. They can sponsor the entire site, or just a page or post.

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There are many ways to make money from a blog or website. Many require you to have substantial traffic before you can make money. AdSense is an excellent option for starting monetization. It doesn’t take much to join, you can sign up the moment you create your blog or website.

Dealing with Competitors’ and Questionable Advertisements

Google may deliver ads from competitors if you sell products or services through your website. Ads that are not legitimate or that might offend your target market can also be an issue. Google AdSense lets you block up to 200 URLs that could be appearing on your website to prevent such offers. Blocking URLs presents two challenges.

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Until you see them, you don’t know which ads are on your site.

You can’t click on any of your links (to get the URL), so you have to be careful when obtaining the URL you want to block. To get the URL so AdSense can block it, right-click on the link and select Copy Link Address. Then, copy the URL into a text editor such as Notepad or a document. Although the Google URL is lengthy, it contains the URL of where the ad is located. Copy the URL and paste it in your AdSense blocked ads account.