What is commercial combined insurance?


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Commercial Combined Business Insurance can signify tailored to fit all the risks connected with the time to time operating of your business.

A commercial combined insurance policy is a complete business protection in a single policy, producing unitedly a range of the covers most usually required, originally designed for smaller businesses, such as wholesalers, builders, manufacturers.

Giving bespoke insurance solutions to businesses of all areas has always been our main focus. Our assistance involves a full review and evaluation of all our clients’ insurance claims. We will always take time to assure clients have a full knowledge of their insurance cover.

Why you should consider it:

  • Offers all-round commercial protection to your business, giving peace of mind protection
  • Can be tailored to cover opportunities specific to your business
  • Can face managerial or contractual requirements – trade associations or employers require special covers
  • Minimises interruption to your business
  • One conducted policy

Policy points can include:

  • Employers’ responsibility (claims arising from injury to employees)
  • Public involvement (accidental injury to any body or damage to their property)
  • Product liability (personal injury or damage to property caused by your product)
  • Business interruption (loss of income if unable to trade)
  • Legal expenses (including employment tribunals)
  • Cover toward material damage and theft
  • Goods in transit cover
  • Money cover
  • Cover for building inspections
  • Personal accident and/or illness risks

Why choose a package?

For various types of business a commercial combined policy may give a good all round insurance solution. These types of policies combine a range of fundamental covers to provide the business with affordable but complete cover.

How do they work?

The purposes for some of the added insurances can be varied according to the size and requirements of the business being insured. There may also be exceptions of the cover for distinct business types (like ‘loss of liquor licence’ for a restaurant) that are relevant to their activities.

Who is Commercial Combined Insurance For?

Commercial Combined Insurance is perfect for small businesses regarding for the convenience of having a single policy to manage their different insurance obligations. It could be used by a variety of trades – from managers, builders, manufacturers and wholesalers.

What are the Benefits of Commercial Combined Insurance?

Managing a business can be complicated, and you don’t need to have to spend long hours administrating different insurance covers and policies for different features of your business. A Commercial Combined policy indicates you only have one policy to deal with, and one revision date to identify!


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