Use Targeted Email Lists to Advertise Your Business!

Advertising in The Information Age
Have you ever wondered how to advertise your business cost-effectively? Today, as the popularity of digital technology has grown, customers often want to discover detailed information about goods and services before making a purchasing decision. The “Information Age” places a premium upon the flow of useful content. To take full advantage of this trend, a growing number of companies rely upon highly targeted email advertising.

The Email Advantage

Email provides a number of distinct advantages in comparison with its slower “snail” mail counterpart. Instead of sinking money into expensive postal promotions, business managers have discovered email marketing holds some distinct benefits:

-Email permits your company to reach a global marketplace;
-Emails advertising costs much less than using regular mailings;
-You can launch an email campaign with just a few thousand names, and then “scale up” the advertising as your business grows in size;
-By including links to your website and products in your emails, you can readily direct customers to these sites;
-Email campaigns require the efforts of comparatively few employees;
-You can elaborate in depth in an email, supplying extensive information about products to prospective customers.

For all these reasons, businesses today cannot overlook the significant positive aspects of conducting well-planned email campaigns as a form of business promotion. If you don’t already use email advertising, consider adding this tool to your advertising arsenal soon!

Avoiding Spam

Email advertisers need to take precautions to avoid sending unwanted emails to prospective customers. The practice of sending out email to the world at large has acquired the uncomplimentary name “spam”. Not only do many jurisdictions outlaw spam, but spammers run the risk of losing access to their email accounts for violating the terms of service contracts. Sending spam also reflect poorly on a company’s business image.

To prevent a legitimate email campaign from falling into the category of an unwelcome email, select your email list brokers carefully. You’ll want to deal with a reputable broker which has obtained “opt in” participation to its lists from people who want to receive emails regarding particular goods and services. You can add to your customer lists also over time by capturing the names and email addresses of people who visit your website and indicate they would like to receive emails from your company.

Big Rewards

Many companies conducting email campaigns seek to provide incentives or rewards for loyal customers who read and respond to emails. You might consider offering a discount when customers order using a promotional code provided in the advertising message, for instance.