What Manufactures Need to Know About Photo Chemical Etching


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Photo chemical etching, also known as photochemical etching and photochemical machining or metal etching is a subtractive machining process that relies on chemical and photographic techniques to form thin metal pieces. Once the image of the piece is designed, it is placed on the metal material, and a photoresist protects the intended elements of the part, while the rest of the metal is eaten away to only reveal the desired piece. When searching for the best photo chemical etching companies in America, it is critical to know how to find the best provider, and it is equally important to understand how the best photo chemical etching services will help you improve the quality of parts while saving money.

How does Photo Chemical Etching Save Manufacturers Money?

Every year, companies waste thousands of dollars having to repeat manufacturing processes due to flaws and errors in which parts become compromised. When it comes to producing thin metal parts, there are a number of techniques companies can choose from that include laser cutting, metal stamping, CNC machining and water jetting. Based on the project, one method will be the better option. However, experienced manufacturers will always see if photo chemical etching services are appropriate, as this method is known for creating fewer errors. Laser cutting can cause heat fractures, as well as indentations in the metal’s surface due to the extreme heat, while metal stamping can leave burrs and unwanted materials on the edges. When this happens, workers need to include an entirely different step in the process that calls for the removal of burrs and the polishing and smoothing of edges. Water jetting can also cause cracks. However, with photo chemical etching, these threats are non-existent. And when you get things right the first time, and remove the need for an additional manufacturing step, you save money.

Photo chemical etching also saves companies money because it doesn’t require the same manpower as other methods. Usually, a single person can operate photo chemical etching projects, as opposed to entire teams.

Finally, photo chemical etching is more cost friendly because there is no expensive tooling involved, nor is there the need to design custom tools to complete tasks.

How to Find the Best Photo Chemical Etching Companies

When it comes to finding the best photo chemical etching companies, follow these guide points:

  • Location – Your photo chemical etching company should be located in America. Locally-based companies produce a faster turnaround time on projects, and they commit fewer errors both at a task level and in communications.
  • Services – The best photo chemical etching companies also master other manufacturing processes such as CNC machining, EMI shielding, and decorative metal etching.
  • Industries Served – The best photo chemical etching companies will serve a wide range of industries that include aerospace, military & defense, medical, automotive, electronics, and consumer goods.
  • Years in Business – The best photo chemical etching companies will; have a history of a decade or more.

When Looking for Photo Chemical Etching Services, Follow These Points

If you keep these talking points in mind when looking for photo chemical etching services, you will be sure to find the best possible partner to help take your products to the next level.


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