Kang Daniel’s “Konnect Entertainment“ launches

Kang Daniel’s fans and Kang Daniel can connect with each other through the ‘KANGDANIEL” application, a free mobile platform. The application allows Kang Daniel and his fans to communicate with one another via daily posts. You can communicate with your idol and his fans by posting daily messages. The application is currently available in Korean and English. However, it will soon be expanded to include Chinese as well as Japanese. Kang Daniel’s Konnect Entertainment launches the first K-Pop fandom platform app with a single artist

Kang Daniel’s Konnect Entertainment created an exclusive fandom app for Danity, his official fanclub. There are many premium mobile apps that offer access to a variety of artists and content. However, this application is unique because it is focused on a single artist, which is the first among Korean artists. Konnect Entertainment representative explained that the app was created to make communication channels seen on portal sites and other online communities more fan-friendly. It’s a fan-service that Danity is at the center of.

The app was launched March 30th. It saw 70% of its users use it at once. This is a remarkable ratio considering that popular social platforms and game apps typically see between 10-20%.

Kang Daniel is a featured artist on NCSOFT’s UNIVERSE app. Fans can preregister for Kang Daniel’s upcoming mobile game SuperStar KANGDANIEL. It is due to be released at the end the month.

Installing the KONNECT Entertainment logo

Months later, KONNECT Entertainment’s logo was placed on its Gangnam, Seoul building. This marks the end to the legal dispute between Kang Daniel, the CEO, and his former company, LM Entertainment.

Pleasure Design Sign & Interior Company employees took photos of the process of raising a sign and wrote “Pleasure installed the sign for KONNECT Entertainment, the new company founded by Kang Daniel-nim after he was involved in conflicts with his previous company… I hope Kang Daniel-nim, Pleasure and all of its employees will follow the flower path …”

Previously, the Korea Entertainment Management Association(KEMA) announced that they had mediated an agreement between Kang Daniel (LM Entertainment), cancelling the lawsuit, and terminating the exclusive contractual contract.

Kang Daniel, who is officially independent from LM, has been able to elevate KONNECT’s logo as a company that is recognized in the entertainment sector. Fans of Kang Daniel anticipate the great strides KONNECT will make and are excited to see if they can finally see him doing proper promotions and appearing on TV programs.

Kang Daniel continues his fanmeeting tour to Manila, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Seoul as he prepares for entering the Korean entertainment market. He continues to be an advertisement model for KT, Mexicana Chicken and Givenchy Beauty. His travel vlog ‘Colorful Daniel” is broadcast every Wednesday on KONNECT’s official Youtube channel.

Kang Daniel’s KONNECT Entertainment is Much More Than You Expected

It turns out, however, that KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT does not represent the entire company Kang Daniel has founded. Kang Daniel is CEO of KONNECT Entertainment and KD Corporation.

Kang Daniel’s entertainment work will be managed by KONNECT, while KD Corporation will take care of everything else.

Kang Daniel founded KD Corporation, and is now registered as the CEO 

KONNECT Entertainment will manage Kang Daniel’s entertainment business. KD Corporation will handle all other Kang Daniel-related work.


KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT is a company with two distinct purposes. KD Corporation is a company with the same purpose. Kang Daniel sought the help of specialists and lawyers while he set up both companies. He decided to separate the two companies because they advised him that this was the best way to build his company. Kang Daniel will need to learn how to manage a company while he continues.