Investing in Drop Shipping Courses


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Learning can be difficult for most people. In fact, learning new things for me, though very important, is always challenging. I hence prefer learning material that is indulgent and entertaining to make the whole experience worthwhile. This was the case when I decided to take up the Shopify E-commerce training on drop shipping. The training, was very organized and effectively delivered on its training goals. Also, it was very easy to stay focused throughout the training period since trainers ensured there was a constant involvement between the trainer and the trainees. I guarantee you that the training is definitely worth every single minute that you spend.

Drop shipping and Globalization

So what is drop shipping?

From the training, it was clear that globalization was taking over the economic scene. Being part of the economic global scene is thus very vital for everyone involved in the business. The trainer was keen enough to show us how to create our very own drop-shipping e-commerce shops with a minimum of 20 pounds simply within 24 hours. This time value and low cost of production was an eye opener since most people are often held back by time and money. The desire to create businesses with this formula seemed to be just a click away.

Drop-shipping, requires zero storage facilities and no retail storage space. The training described how drop-shipping involved direct shipping of products from manufacturers to end users. From this, it was clear that shipping could either be very simple or very difficult. The most important thing was to remember the techniques outlined on how to carry out direct shipping. Manufacturers essentially play a great role in the finalization of the shipping while you lay back and keep watch of the products. With the rise of revenue generated from drop-shipping, it was clear that e-commerce is the next global market to watch out for.

Niche Products for Niche Market Gaps

Finding a niche market gap can be very daunting especially for the inexperienced entrepreneur.  To be honest, I am not the most creative person when it comes to business. In fact, at one point in my business journey, I was convinced that following tried and tested paths was the best and surest way of becoming successful. However, as indicated above, globalization has revolutionized how we look at business. Finding niche markets is essential to staying relevant. However, there is a big difference between finding a niche market and finding niche products. These two aspects of business are rarely met by the same entity.

Regardless, the training successfully taught different methods of identifying niche market gaps and niche products. This part of the training was particularly the best part. In essence, it took on a hands on approach which allowed me to interact with my creative side like never before.


Ever since the drop shipping training in Singapore, I am in the progress of drop shipping my second consignment of goods to four of my customers. I can confidently say that it is easier for me to identify market niches and creatively fill these gaps with niche products. I also greatly benefitted from the general aesthetics of the training and have developed great business etiquette for my e-commerce drop shipping business.

The course was organized by an internet marketing Singapore firm.

This training is definitely something worth the time and money.


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