Culture of Telangana

Culture of telangana is a mixture of Persian traditions and South Indian customs. It has a rich culture that incorporates Telugu culture within its society. Telangana is rich in literature, poetry, film, poetry, festivals, and dance.

Literature in Culture Of Telangana

One of the early poets in Telangana was Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, who is believed to have been the first Saheb e-dewan Urdu writer. Kancherla Gopanna, Bhakta Ramadasu or Kancherla Gopanna, Palkuriki Smanatha and Mallinatha Suri were later poets.

The modern poets include Kaloji Narayana Rao and Daasarathi Krishnamacharyulu as well as Sribhashyam Vijayasarathi and C. Narayana Reddy. Samala Sadasiva, author of Swaralayalu, and P.V. 9th Prime Minister. Narasimha Rao.

Telangana State poets

Telangana’s food is poetry-worthy! The state’s residents are also skilled at literature and words. Famous poets from this region are Adikavi Pampa-Kannada, Agasthya Kavi, Ampasayya Naveen, Bulemoni Venkateshwarlu, C.Narayanareddy,Dasarathi Krishnamacharya, Desapati Srinivas, Goreti Venkanna, Katta Bhagavantha Reddy, Chekuri Rama Rao, Kaloji Narayana Rao, Kancherla Gopanna, Masana Chennappa, Suddala Ashok Teja, Daasaradhi Rangacharyulu, Palkuriki Somanatha, Pamulaparthi Sadasiva Rao, Kaloji Narayana Rao, Vemulavada Bheemakavi, Suddala Hanmanthu, Suravaram Pratapareddy, Vajjala Shiva Kumar, Vattikota AlwarSwamy, Venkata Rajanna Avadhani, Dr. Kurella Vitalacharya and Dr. N Gopi.

Culture Of Telangana Cuisine

Telugu cuisine is as delicious and mouthwatering as Hyderabadi cuisine (or Deccani Cuisine). Yes, it is spicy. The Qutb Shahi dynasty of Hyderabad and the Nizams from Hyderabad are said to have created Hyderabadi cuisine. You can find a great variety of aromas and spices in this cuisine, including Telugu, Persian, Marathwada and Marathwada flavors.

Cooking at the right temperature, using fresh herbs and spices, and cooking with high quality rice, meat, and other condiments is of paramount importance to give that unique taste. Most dishes are prepared in earthen pots or copper utensils. To give dishes the perfect taste, slow cooking (dum pusht) is key.

Famous personalities from Culture Of Telangana

People worship their favorite stars and film makes for great entertainment. Vennela Kishore (male actor from Telangana), Venu Madhav and Thagubothu Ramesh, Uttej, and Nithiin are some of the notable male actors. N.Shankar (Telugu cinema), is a Telangana film director who is best known for films like Jayam Manade Raa or Jai Bolo Telangana.

Hyderabad is home to many other famous people. Mani Shanker (filmmaker), Rashid Ali, Talat Aziz, Ghazal Singer, Shyam Benegal, Farah, Diana Hayden, Miss World 1997), Nagesh Kukunoor (filmmaker, screenwriter), Tabu (actress), Gopichand Lagadapati(actor,writer, director), Sherlyn Chpra (model, actress), Harsha Bhhogle (cricket commentator, journalist), Mohammad Azharuddina Nehwal (badminton), Saina Nihwal (badminton), Aditi Ro Hydari), Aditi Raohwal (badminton), Aditi Rio Hydari), Aditi Raohwal (badminton), Aditi Rahwal (badminton), Aditi, Rao and, respectively,

Telangana Festivals

Bathukamma is the flower festival and is celebrated in Bhadrapada Amavasya/Mahalaya Amavasya (September to October). Durga Navaratri is the time when this festival is celebrated. This festival is where Goddess Mahakali and Goddess Maha Gauri are worshipped. It is celebrated in Ashada Masam (July/August). Yedupayala Jatara in Medak and Sammakka Saralamma in Warangal district are also famous festivals.

Other festivals like Christmas, Eid, Diwali (Oct-Nov.), Dussehra (Sept/Oct. ), Makar Sankranti (celebrated January), Maha Shivrathri, (Feb-March), etc. Telangana also celebrates these holidays. Ugadi, which is the Telugu new year, is celebrated in March/april. Nine days after Ugadi, Ram Navami is celebrated in March/April.

Culture Of Telangana People Wear Costumes

Telangana’s male members wear Uttareeyam (or Pai Pancha) (Veil), Pancha, dhoti or jubba, kurta, and Lungi. Cheera or sari is worn by women, while Langa Oni and Parikini are worn by girls.

Famous Dances in Culture Of Telangana

Tribal Dhimsa dance, Gusadi dance, Lambadi dance, Kuchipudi dance etc. They are well-known in Telangana. The harvest season ends and the Gonds don colorful costumes and ornaments to travel to neighboring villages singing and dancing. These dance troupes, which can have 20-40 members, are known as Dandari dance troupes. Gusadi is a small troupe of 2-5 members that dances to the beats and gumela from the full moon day until the fourteenth day of Deepawali.

Telangana Art and Craft

Culture Of Telangana skilled artisans create high-quality crafts items using the highest level of dexterity. The Cheriyal region is famous for its Nakashi scroll paintings. Leather puppetry, bronze castings and metal craft, as well as the classic stone craft, are also notable.

Bidri crafts are unique pieces of silver that have been engraved on metal. They were brought to India by Iranian migrants. Bidri crafts use Gunmetal, an alloy of Copper and Zinc. Beautiful jewellery boxes, hukkas, buttons, key chains, and cufflinks are all available. This art is used to create them.

Handmade fabrics are made by the Gypsies or Banjara tribes. Banjara needle crafting involves creating intricate patterns, designs and motifs with tiny mirrors, beads, and shells.

Dhokra, or DokraBell Metal craft, is a well-known craft from the Culture Of Telangana region. It is also used to make figurines, horses, elephants and measuring bowls. Made in brass These pieces are not joined! This craft has been practiced for many generations by Adilabad craftsmen.