Corporate Asset Finance – Own An Asset At Your Terms

Companies are always in need of buying an asset for advancing their business. But if they buy asset through own source than it drains away lot of money that could be used for other business purposes. Keeping this in mind, lenders have designed corporate asset finance especially for the purpose of allowing companies to buy asset without investing from own accounts.

Corporate asset finance works on the basis that companies need asset as per their requirements. Companies may require an asset for temporarily use and so if the buy it, the asset becomes of less use for them. Then, a company though wants to own an asset but does not want to buy it right now. Corporate asset finance is designed as per each company’s requirements about assets.

Corporate asset finance is available mainly in two options–hire-purchase and lease. Under the higher purchase option, the company asks the corporate asset finance provider to buy the equipment or any asset from its manufacturer and hire it. You pay installments to the corporate asset finance provider and after clearing all the installments you ultimately own the asset. Under lease option, you take the asset on lease from corporate asset finance provider and pay installments till you use the asset.

If you want to buy asset right away, corporate asset finance provider will provide a loan ranging up to £10000000 against your valuable commercial property. The loan will be at a certain rate of interest and you can pay off the loan in your choice of repayment duration. So a company should first decide on its requirements from an asset and then should explore various options available under corporate asset finance. Ensure that you have gone through different lenders for their terms-conditions and interest rates. This enables in making a suitable deal.