Apology and Correction

 Since we found out that it is factual misunderstanding about the following description on the August 25th article “NHK Special”, “Child of Poverty” uploading photos of high purchase items & bundle on the net “posted on this site As you can see, we apologize for correction.

 First, “also in the video of the interview, the girl of the room is full of things, air conditioning despite the saying that there are no women , but what appears to air conditioning in Takasei of the room is reflected firmly” was reported that In fact, there was no air conditioner in the girls’ high school student , we could not confirm the fact that things like air conditioners are captured firmly in the video of the interview.

 Although the article was written by an external contract reporter and described as having interviewed NHK and got a reply, in fact it did not obtain a reply and this editorial department also confirms I have a negligent responsibility.

 In the article, I tried to e-mail query to NHK for “this time of suspicion,” as NHK, in the strict coverage, home and there is no doubt that in the present circumstances that there is a severe life painful is meter, We have received reports from the person in charge, so we are not in the scope of the coverage regarding the net etc. However we will inform the person in charge of the opinion, “but in fact, Our company did not interview NHK, and the answer was fictitious.

 We are, this article smell Te, any grounds without, “NHK is also shaking in the fake problem,” “poverty is a big problem that society is facing, just because would be quickly dwarfed Once you have forged it in the news “As a result of giving the impression to the reader as if the NHK did” Yasashi “” Fake “, the interview was not enough. I am deeply grateful to NHK.

 Also, by posting this article, I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience that girls’ high school students, their families, and readers have incurred considerable inconvenience and investigated for other similar cases, and strict We will take action to prevent recurrence as well as disposal.

■ About our disposal concerning this matter

 We take seriously this issue as a person engaged in the press, and now, including the reduction of the executive remuneration of Representative Director Yukinari Ishiya (50% reduction for 3 months from September 2016), based on the employment regulations, We have implemented rigorous reduction of payment to the editor and the editor in charge. Of course, this issue will not be solved with the disposal of stakeholders. We apologize to deeply apologize again to NHK, the people covered by the press and their families who have inconvenienced the article, and we will continue to respond in good faith. In addition, we will strive to prevent recurrence and will continue to push forward to restore trust of readers.