10 Basic Tips to Know Attending a Conference is Right for You

Attending the conference allows refreshing the skills and keeping abreast of tools and methodologies. Networking opportunities help to mix and mingle with the attendees and helps to strengthen the older ones and create new ones. This help to elevate the research work through this conference. It is comparatively less expensive than auditing for credit. It provides meeting of experts and influencers face to face. “Sharpen the saw” which is to enhance the skills of work and to rectify the mistakes if committed any. New tools, apps that makes us faster and less prone to costly mistakes or sort of edge. Learning in a new space involves  sitting in the same chair in the same office won’t make us learn something new, so breaking out of the box or something really exceptional can spark us to new approaches and grow our business.

Break out of the comfort zone, aims towards to get out of the old thinking process that has got us in rut to our business. So if one is absolutely terrified about taking part in the Conference that one can bring a wing woman or a wing man with them so that one doesn’t feel completely alone. Greater focus, we need to be more streamlined to our thinking process and very dedicated and motivated to the work done and to be presented in the conference. New tips and Tactics, we should always remember that there is an overwhelming amount of knowledge available that we are unavailable to crack. So keep on searching, and it is very evident new approaches will be obtained that will be very helpful for us for our upcoming research work. The Serendipity of the Random workshops, online such knowledge cannot be acquired, but yes through this serendipity of live event we can acquire such knowledge. Invest on one own that is investing on oneself by purchasing conference tickets and walk on to the registration desk then one can say that we are investing on our growth.

Have Fun, while Attending the Conference so that we can gain knowledge and exposure through this eventful and enjoyable platform.

Tips to know whether attending the conference is whether right or not???

When one is attending the conference in his or her region of expertise, one will get opportunities to communicate nationally known leaders or lead members of his or her profession, colleagues that one recognise by reputation and through articles and books.

  1. It is to be very important that to read the conference agenda very thoroughly, and select the sessions which need to be improved in skills and all technicalities. Try to stay away from seminars that could hardly teach oneself something from attending it. Never also stretch one or put stress by attending such seminars that don’t worth much and topics that are not mastered at all.
  2. Try to take help from colleague, to become the conference buddy so that one can share what he or she had learned. Collaboration with his or her colleague will bring special benefits to the person attending the seminar or presentations and will be very helpful for the speaker as well the attendee.
  3. Keep one self very patient and stay for the entire conference.  No one ever knows when the good information is being said during the presentation, and one can miss if he or she leaves the place. So better be attentive and patient during the on-going conference.
  4. Stay at conference’s designated hotel. This would help to build up connection and networking also. This will even make interactions with many new people who might be a climbing ladder for one in future that no one ever knows.
  5. Try to take plenty amount of business cards, this will enhance the connection. This will also enhance acquaintances so that the people attending the conference may remember them.
  6. Be very tactful while collecting the business cards which will ultimately enhance connection and make one very remarkable even among the crowd. So follow up the post cards, emails, phone calls and appointments.
  7. Try to purchase the audio CD’s and tapes recorded during the sessions. If this process of purchasing occurs this will reinforce the knowledge of learning in conference as well as improve the basic key skills.
  8. Try to be very active, attentive and be very inquisitive during the on-going of the conference. This involves asking active asking o questions, commenting and doubt clearance if any. This will improve not only the interaction but can hold off sight for many higher skilled people who may in future may love to work with them.
  9. Meet and thank everyone who served in conference planning committee. They truly deserve the compliments, and when anyone thanked them then one can stand out of the crowd and may be very helpful for future.
  10. It is a step by step process where planning the conference is the practical tool, which allows to plot the critical path to success and develop a realistic time and allocate tasks to the committee other people and co- workers and helper.

So conference is a huge platform for both the organizers, researchers and the audiences to learn different aspect of knowledge and helps to make an easy and confident way for a successful event organizing. Manual working is not necessarily important and even that too skilful also. So tips and tricks on how to manage the conference manager to provide with the extra pair of helping hands. Among the most important rules of managing conference includes the mainly to set up goals and execute them in a proper time. : Placing together the presentations firstly whipped out the PowerPoint and adds slides or any necessary documents in the slides for presentation. Sometimes even the presentation may go out of order or control, don’t get panicked. Layout the outline of the presentation is important to make a successful and interesting conference presentation.

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